New Eco-Gadget Saves Upto 80% of Pool Running Costs

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WITH ELECTRICITY BILLS BEING DISTRIBUTED across Southern Spain today, thousands of expatriates will receive an unwelcome reminder of the high cost of electricity in the country. A private swimming pool is considered by many to be a necessary luxury in the hot Spanish summers, but the cost of running a pool in Spain can be astronomical.

With the cost of electricity in Spain amongst the highest in Europe, even the wealthiest expatriate’s cannot afford to disregard their power usage. Only Denmark, Germany, Italy and Ireland pay more for their electricity and budget concious consumers across Spain are increasingly looking toward new technologies to save them money, and reduce the cost of their electricity bills.

A private swimming pool is one of the most common luxury additions to any home in Southern Spain, but the cost of pool ownership doesn’t stop once you’ve paid for the installation. The cost of filtering the water through a pool pump brings an often unexpected long term financial liability that lasts a lifetime.

Electricity-prices-europeBut new technology is about to become available in Spain that can reduce the cost of running a swimming pool pump by up to 80%. Long term savings can run in to thousands of Euros, and as with most of the best new money saving gadgets these days, the idea behind the solution is a very simple one.

Developed here in Spain, the Eco Pool Saver is an elegantly uncomplicated device that moderates the supply of electricity to the pool pump. With 30 programmable speeds, it can be programmed to reduce the amount of power used by the pool pump while still providing water flow and filtration.

Put simply, the Eco Pool Saver is the most advanced and efficient variable speed controller that can be used with up to 95% of single speed domestic pool pumps, and brings immediate measurable savings in energy consumption that pays for the cost of installation in months rather than years.

The revolutionary money-saver is being introduced to Spain by established solar heating specialists Solar Directa in Murcia, who offer professional fitting of the device across the Costa Blanca, Costa Calida, and throughout the Murcia region.

Solar Directa have been providing solar installations across Southern Spain since 2004 and the owner, Keith Owen, is keen to promote the equipment’s plus points. “With the high cost of electricity in Spain, it seems like madness not to invest in the latest money saving technology”, he said. “The cost of installation is minimal compared to the thousands of Euros that can be saved over a lifetime of pool ownership”.

Keith also highlighted the benefits of reduced wear and tear on the pool pump itself, and the pool plumbing connected to it. “Simply adding a timer to your pool pump will reduce it’s lifespan quite considerably. The Eco Pool Saver avoids all those abrupt starts and stops, and keeps the water flowing through the filter resulting in a cleaner, healthier pool”.

The Eco Pool Saver is being distributed exclusively in Spain by Solar Directa, and more information is available from their website or contact them via Facebook.

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