Harnessing the Power of Social Media Marketing

We can use Facebook Social Media to drive targeted traffic to your website, and expose your properties and your company brand to tens of thousands of potential buyers every week. Designed specifically for Real Estate Agents operating in Spain and advertising to a British or European market, our service provides an almost instant and noticeable increase in website traffic and potential sales leads.

Targeting Potential Property Buyers and Investors

Like it or hate it, Social Media is where your buyers are today. Our Facebook property listings are targeted to appear in social networks where we expect to find potential property clients. We have active networks throughout the United Kingdom and Spain; and growing European networks in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Russia, and the Nordic states: Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

Grabbing Facebook Traffic: A New Audience

Social Media property marketing campaigns reach new prospective purchasers that you can’t reach with traditional means, like local print media advertising. Every day, we get your Real Estate brand and your properties in front of thousands of customers in the UK and outside of Spain (which is after all, where most of your property buyers come from) at a fraction of the price of other advertising mediums.

Please note: We are currently unable to provide estate agency services for businesses located in, or operating within the Alicante or Murcia regions of Spain.

How It Works: Dispelling the Myths of Social Media

Every single day we create a bespoke Facebook listing of one of your properties. Using our targeted network of social contacts we promote that listing across Facebook. This exposes your property to thousands of potential buyers everyday, who in turn, often share it with family, friends or colleagues. Once an interested user clicks on that property listing they are taken to your Real Estate website. Easy.

Converting Facebook Traffic in to Traffic for Your Site

You’re likely reading this because you clicked on a Facebook advertisement that we placed strategically within social networks and pages that we target because that’s where we believe our potential clients browse. You are no longer on Facebook, you’re on our website, and you’ll probably have a look around at what we do and maybe find something we offer to suit your business. We can do the same for you.

No Small Print: If We Don’t Perform, You Don’t Pay

We post for your Real Estate business every single day of the year and we guarantee a minimum of 10,000 views of your Facebook property listings, and hundreds of additional website visitors every week (real people). Our service costs just €53 per week billed weekly in arrears by Paypal. There is no contractual obligation whatsoever, and if you feel it’s not working for you you can cancel your service at any time.