Supporting A Great Cause: Charity Evening Proves a Success

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THE SOUTH COSTA BLANCA COMMUNITY rallied round the registered animal charity Pets in Spain this week to help raise money to help the stray, abandoned, or mistreated animals within the local area. Organised by two caring animal lovers, providing an evening of entertainment that raised a significant amount of money for this great cause.

A few months ago Michael Hack and Rob Roberts fostered a dog named Kia that had been rescued by the Pets In Spain animal charity.

When Kia was found a permanent home by the charity’s adoption team Mike and Rob decided to adopt a dog from the charity and subsequently volunteered their services to organise a fund raising event to provide much needed funds to help the charity finance the rescue and rehabilitation of more stranded pets.

The Let’s Eat Restaurant in Benimar was the venue and Michael being the host for the evening greeted everybody as they arrived providing them with a glass of Cava and escorting them to their table for an evening that started and finished on a real high.

After three courses of delicious and beautiful plates of food selected from the a la carte menu the atmosphere was electric when Rob Roberts took to the mic to enthral and entertain with his incredible singing voice and interaction with all there at the event to support the charity.

With many great raffle prizes, all thankfully donated, and with a proportion of ticket sales going to the charity, the total amount raised during the evening was €720.

The Pets In Spain team has many projects to help animals in need and also has great success in reuniting lost pets with their owners. A new awareness campaign has been started with the aim of persuading dog owners to register their dog on an emergency blood donor register. The charity is totally self funding. Money donations, sponsors and household items to sell in the charity shop in La Marina urbanisation are vitally needed.

Pets in Spain rely upon the generosity of the local community. Contact them to find out how you can help animals in need with only some of your time, including offering to walk their dogs, or offering a temporary foster home to an animal in need. Small financial donations are always appreciated, see their website or find them on Facebook for more details.

Or for more information about the Pets In Spain registered charity and the many different animal rescue and welfare projects please call (0034) 645469253.

Photo L to R: Mark Lewis, Rob Roberts, Michael Hack, Hannah Robinson, Liz Lewis (Credit: Pets in Spain).

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Spains Gag-Law: Facebook Comment Lands Locksmith in Trouble

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JUAN CARLOS PUYOLES is a self-employed locksmith who provides a 24-hour call-out service in the small town of Pizarra, in the Málaga province. In the early hours of September 15, he was prevented from attending a call due to a car that was parked in front of his garage, despite a sign that clearly indicates no parking. When he tried to contact the towns’ municipal police station by phone there was no reply.

Angry at what had happened, and with the aim of drawing the mayor of Pizarras’ attention to what he saw as a failure by the local police, he wrote about it on his Facebook page. The next day, police officers visited his house to tell him he faced prosecution for “making comments that were disrespectful to the local police of Pizarra”.

Puyoles had unwittingly fallen foul of Spain’s new Citizen Safety Law, which has been criticized by opposition parties, human rights groups, and even the European Union.

“I haven’t insulted or disrespected anybody”, says Puyoles. “What I wrote on my Facebook page didn’t refer directly to anybody, nor did it incite hate, or anything of the kind. All I was doing was reporting a lack of a public service. I needed to get to work and couldn’t because nobody answered the phone to help me”.

Puyoles has since removed the comment from his Facebook page, but explains that he wrote something along the lines of: “It’s 1.30am, I’m calling the police and they aren’t there, but you can find them having a cup of coffee in the village up the road every morning”.

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Another post on his Facebook page, from August 2, also complains about a car parked in front of his garage. “It was the second time it had happened. I was trying to get out of my garage and couldn’t, because a car was parked there. I have to pay to keep access to that entrance, and I don’t understand why there aren’t officers available at all times to deal with problems like this”.

The local police’s complaint against Puyoles has now been sent to the provincial authorities in Málaga, who will decide whether to proceed with it. According to the Citizen Safety Law, Puyoles could be fined between €100 and €600. “Let’s see what happens”, he said. “The provincial administration could ignore it, but if they try to fine me, then I will take this all the way to the top because I believe it is totally unfair”.

Puyoles says that had he known what would happen, he wouldn’t have said anything on the popular social network. “When I linked the comment to the mayor of the town, I was looking to get a response. She came round to my house the next day to check on the no parking sign”, says Puyoles. “I don’t understand why the officers in question are so upset that I said they have a cup of coffee. I have a lot of friends who are in the police. I was in the army and I have always had the greatest respect for the security forces”.

Failing to respect the security forces or publishing photographs of members of the police or armed forces on the internet in a manner which might compromise their security, are punishable under the new security legislation which came into force in July. Facebook users in Spain are urged to take consideration and care with what they write or publish about local and national law enforcement organisations.

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